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PURPOSE LIGHTS LIMITED is a leading company in the bulbs and lighting fittings business. It is a Nigerian Company which serves as an exclusive distributor of traditional Bohemian crystal chandeliers and of all lighting components manufactured in Italy.

Bulbs & Accessories

It represents one of the widest and most comprehensive offers currently on the market, with a very complete range of LED, fluorescent and halogen bulbs. The constant pursuit of technological development guarantees up to date and advanced products.


It’s an articulate assortment of indoor and outdoor lighting fittings both for architectural and commercial application. The proposed solutions are aimed at satisfying multiple requirements, ranging from a simple decorative effect to a more innovative lighting design. In addition to that, a supportive technical office can evaluate the best lighting solutions for any customer’s lighting requirement.


It proposes several solutions in terms of decorative lighting; it’s characterized by contemporary and cutting edge design.


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